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Goals without a plan are only wishes

Hard to believe but it is six months since we moved to Tauranga, New Zealand. My husband and I were discussing whether we wanted to stay here with the lovley beaches, green spaces, minimal traffic and great people. My husband asked me what my plan was because I seemed to be drifting and not setting any goals and as he reminded me, “Goal setting without a plan seems a waste of time”. When there is no plan the goals are merely wishes, hopes or niceties.

What do you do to get a plan?

Tauranga Beach

Tauranga Beach

  1. First figure out what you don’t want.
  2. Next figure out what is essential to have.
  3. Next look at what you have now and put them either in the don’t want or essential category.
  4. Now you can start identifying the plan and putting in the goals (steps) to get there.

But until you do the first two, you are stuck where you are. Several recent clients know that things are not working for them but changing it means looking at what they don’t want and what they do want  and then looking at what is happening. In several cases, the fear of losing out on something keeps them stuck in situations that totally are NOT working for them. One of them has four choices as to where to go but…it means letting go of some things. Money is one of those things (people owe her money). It’s not a lot in the scheme of things or in terms of her assets and wealth but it is an amount that sounds scary when you add it all up. She is also concerned about letting people down but funny these are the same people who let her down constantly, either by not keeping their word or by not paying her what they agreed when they agreed. And meanwhile her health gets worse. She is stuck and unable to take control but saying “No I can’t change”. In a previous blog, “A Powerful question to get out of stuck” , “Can I afford not to?” is a contra intuitive question with great power to help you get out of stuck and excel. Today’s blog takes it a step further, it asks you to look at what really matters to where you want to be. Wishes and hopes spur us on but a plan gives us direction and steps to move forward.

Today, get out of stuck and create a plan.

What do you really want? What don’t you want? What are you going to do about it? And remember ASK if you need help making those decisions. To your success

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Please let’s just talk about this.

In the last month, I seem to be finding so many situations that could be easily solved if people would just talk to each other and really listen to the other person’s point of view.

What gets us stuck and stops them from talking to each other?

Here are some key reasons:

  • Getting stuck in our rightness leads to righteousness and the lack of desire to communicate just in case the other person proves us wrong.
  • Getting stuck needing to be right. This is different from our rightness because when we need to be right, we already know that we are wrong.
Talk to Me

Talk to Me

  • Getting stuck because we fail to meet our own expectations and not just the expectations we believe others have for us.

When we get precious about our position, our stance, we get stuck. And to get out of stuck we need to talk and LISTEN to the other side’s point of view.

Time and money are lost when we fail to communicate.

Frustration increases when we stop talking and listening.

Everyone has a position and EVERYONE sees things slightly differently than you do.

And then there are FEELINGS!

When our feelings are hurt, we get stuck and stop listening.

When we feel that someone is attacking us, whether true or not, we get stuck.

When we feel devalued, demeaned, marginalised or bullied, we get stuck and worse we stop talking.

The solution – TALK.

Talk to others.

Talk to the those getting you stuck.

Talk to support people who may be able to suggest other solutions.

Talk to people who will ask you the hard questions about where you are at and where you can go from here.

And if you need help,let’s talk about what is getting you stuck. Two brains are definitely better than one.

And if you want to talk to a mentor/coach on business or life then talk to me. I’d love to use my knowledge and experience to help you get out of stuck and excel.

Talk soon


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Strategy Really Gets You Out of Stuck?

What is strategic planning really all about?

Can it help you set the overview that allows you to get out of stuck and move forward?


A good strategic plan works on the key elements of problem solving:Lost in a Labyrinth

  1. State where you are – SWOT
  2. State where you want to be – Goals
  3. State what you constraints are – environmental scan and SWOT
  4. State what you will do and how
  5. Act and monitor and adjust.

And do everything so that it meets your vision, mission and complies with your values. But is all starts with VISION and MISSION. And these along with your values set your PURPOSE – your why. Your purpose has 3 parts:

  • What’s in it for you – how do you benefit by the plan?
  • How do you clients/stakeholders/customers/ users benefit from your efforts?
  • How does the community benefit?

As my personal trainer reminded me  “Unless I am motivated to plan action, I will never achieve what I want”

Create a strategic plan for your life and business. It does not need to be a big document but a simple mind map starts the process. And use pictures and colours to make it fun.

When you plan possibilities you start the process of “getting out of stuck”.

What will you do with this glorious day to get you out of stuck? WIll you create a strategy to move your forward? Let me know and ask for help if you need it.


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“Listen to Me, I have the answer”

When you are marginalised you constantly shout “Listen to me, I have the answer” and no one listens.

Marginalisation gets you stuck and can keep you there unless you are willing to take a different tack or walk away. But there are many times when walking away is not an option.

One of the themes in many of these blogs arise from the frustration of working with committees who believe that  the “experts”,- the lawyers and engineers have the only answer.

It reminds me of the story about the hotel in one of the large cities in the USA that needed to put in a new elevator. The “experts” kept discussing options and the ideas were not only going to cost many dollars, the hotel would be closed for months. The janitor was listening to the experts and calmly asked “why not put the elevator on the outside of the building?” Everyone stopped talking and listened except one of the guys in charge who told the janitor to go away because he knew nothing about engineering. Unfortunately for that expert the hotel owner heard the janitor’s question and decided that the suggestion was the way to go. The hotel installed an elevator on the outside of the building saving the hotel money and down time.

Over and over again, people think the answer is X and as a result the committees and management refuse to listen to anyone else.

Consulting with many businesses over the years, my husband and I have often found that the solution to the business’ problems are held by the janitor, the receptionist, the shop worker or the storeman. They would have told management, but management never asked them.

Travelling with sales reps and meeting clients was the most effective way to find out how well the “experts” were advising our business while learning what the clients really wanted. If only the company had really listened when it created a woman’s vitamin range, it would have saved us millions.

Listening is an art. But after you listen, you need to take action. You need to follow through to get a result. And that involves focus and TRUST.

We trust everyone but ourselves. Just before writing this blog, I got this message in my email.

“As of today, Roberta, you’re now wiser than you’ve ever been, younger than you’ll ever be, and less likely to wish without taking action, to pray without having faith, or to hope without remembering the magic.” 

Roll’in - 
    The Universe

So if you are feeling marginalised and that no one is listening you need to stop talking.

You need to find a different way of being heard.

You need to talk to different people. You need to get out of stuck by realising that continuing to beat your head against the dam is going to get you wet.

Remember the song High Hopes?


All problems just a toy balloon
They’ll be bursted soon, they’re just bound to go pop
Oops, there goes another problem kerplop
Oops, there goes another problem kerplop
Oops, there goes another problem kerplop, kerplop

Read more: Frank Sinatra – High Hopes Lyrics | MetroLyrics “

So today, find a different way if no one listens to you.

It’s about doing things differently. It’s about finding another way of being heard or solving those problems

Enjoy lots of kerplops today and excel

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