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What You Want and What You Get

What you want and what you get depend on 2 things:

  1. Your clear definition of what you want
  2. Your expectation for getting it and your willingness to do whatever it takes to get there.

    Getting what you want

    Getting what you want

To get out of stuck you need to know WHAT YOU WANT but more importantly WHAT YOU WILL DO TO GET IT.

Several of my friends want different outcomes in their life but they are unable or unwilling to change what they are doing in order to get it.

Their reasons vary:

  • I might miss out on being loved again so I will stay with my abusive partner
  • I might go broke because leaving this job that I hate is worth being able to pay my bills.
  • What would I do with myself all day if I stopped working or living with that person who makes me feel worthless and in an environment I hate
  • I don’t like the food I need to eat to be healthier so I will continue to eat what I love and be sick all the time, never mind the pain
  • I don’t want to spend time exercising (not even 5 minutes) because I am so tired doing what I have to

Whatever the reason, if you want something to change, you need to do what needs to be done but first have a clear idea on what you want. Being stuck just means not knowing what else there is out there for you. And finding out what else there is can be FUN!

Lessons Learned on the Way to Changing and Getting What we Wanted

  1. The more we own, the more it owns us. Dejunking means we can find more options to acquire things, experience things and have adventures. I so admire the people who travel the world with small cases that they can carry on and off a plane. When you own a lot of expensive things, you can become fearful of robbery or jealousy from former friends.
  2. Living today and enjoying and being grateful for today and ALL it’s options reduces stress, increases health and allows more happiness to flow. Wealth comes from well-being not money, assets or possessions. Please yourself not anyone else.
  3. Making choices and planning actions means that one can move forward and achieve more. Having a move to position is essential to move from. Once you know the start and finish, you work out your constraints and then work out your actions. But you will never get to where you want to be unless you ACT so each day take an action that allows you to move. Investigate something new every day. And when all else fails DANCE…it really helps you move.

Commit today to get of stuck. Share the ONE thing you will do, read, decide today to Get what you want in your life.

To your success

Business Mentor at Budz Business Services

Business Mentor at Budz Business Services



Stop these 21 thieves of Success

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Suggestion to stop the thief

1. Your self talk Watch what you say about yourself
2. SNIOPEs (Subject to the negative influence of others) Let no one else, especially family and friends define or limit you
3. Time thieves Stay in control of your time. Set a time to handle the phone, emails, visitors
4. Doubt Remember that hindsight is almost perfect but doing nothing means you achieve nothing so give it a go
5. Priorities Identify what is URGENT and what is important and keep your goals  in mind when setting priorities
6. Money Attitude Develop an attitude to money that establishes your self-worth and stay aware of your attitude about worth, value and money
7. Breaking your word When you break your word with others, you first break your word with yourself so only give your word (promise) when you intend to keep it.
8. Doing things partway Finish what you start and finish it to the best of your ability. You can revisit and amend later but do your best first time
9. Assuming you know what the other person is thinking Restrict the number of assumptions you make about any situation to 0. That way you always get clarity about what they are thinking (HARD)
10. Forgetting that others are self-centered Remember that everyone ‘s world revolves around themselves and they seldom really think or care about what you want or need so be clear in how you help others and what you want in return
11. Misunderstanding what tribes are all about Gangs, tribes , family and friends all come with obligations. Understanding the rules and expectations of the tribe, helps you achieve more.
12. Misunderstanding the money cycle Unless you understand the basics of money, economics, debt and finance, your attitude to money will be limited
13. Giving too much because of self-worth perception Giving is good, especially at the start of a relationship but you need to allow the other side to give back too. That way you get a win-win
14. Coping when things go wrong Remember that things go wrong. Develop techniques that reduce your panic and stress when they do.
15. Mismanaging the little things Do things simply and once only. Saves later on time and allocation. Develop simple systems for common daily activities to reduce stress and problems
16. The Do-it-all yourself syndrome Yes you can do it all yourself but sometimes it is better to get help. Remember that your children and partners learn to help and share your excitement and that builds better people when you get them to help out
17. Forgetting the big picture and getting caught up in the details Remember that while the details are important, many details are time wasters rather than time savers because they fail to help you achieve your goal
18. No Preparation Always take time to find out what you need to know and do before doing something. It will save time and reduce stress and costs.
19. No Plan A simple plan that says do this and this and this to achieve that helps keep your on track for achieving your objectives
20. No Action to achieve performance Unless you get up off the couch and do something nothing happens so prepared and plan but then do the work
21. Afraid to learn Develop a habit of learning something new every day and work to improve your mind and body daily.

Need help with some mentoring to stop the thieves in your life?

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Yesterday’s Success, Today’s Chains, Tomorrow’s Challenges

Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy asked the audience at the NSANZ Night with the Stars last week to tell the people around the table what you have done that excites you.

The answers were varied. Things like:

  • Opened over 8 businesses
  • Visited Everest Base Camp
  • Invited to travel to Antarctica
  • Married an amazing women
  • Competed in the Olympics
  • Crossed a desert
  • Danced with the happiest people on earth
  • Helped over 1000 people start a business
  • Developed a new board game (awesome one called MarketShare)

And many, many other awesome achievements but….

These amazing adventures and successes can tie us to the past. They can chain us to what was.

And more concerning our clients, employers, friends and colleagues want to know not what did you do for me but What will you do for me today?”

Our successes help us become who we are but you are truly stuck if you aren’t moving on. 

One of the greatest challenges as we get older is to keep our brains and bodies active. Moving the body keeps us healthy but moving the mind keeps us alive. It is why crosswords, reading and other mental gymnastics like Bridge and Mahjong are recommended to seniors.

A holiday is great for refreshing us but have you ever noticed how towards the end of a holiday you are  looking forward to getting back to real life.

Your challenge should you choose to accept it it to bucket list your development. Create goals that involve new adventures but add a learning or contribution element to that trip or adventure. Yes go see the Taj Mahal but plan to go do something about water quality, cleanliness or poverty at the same time.

Cross a desert but at the same time learn what foods grow in a desert or learn what happens when it rains in the desert. Meet the people who live there and learn how they live. Find out why they have lived where they are for generations and what that does to their education and family commitment.

Go teach someone to read or write. Go learn a new language but then go speak with people who speak that language and learn what matters to them.

To keep moving and growing, you need to keep learning.

To get out of stuck and excel, keep learning.

Today, what will you learn?

Fill your bucket list with lessons and no matter what happens you will fill your life with gratitude and happiness. Break free of any chains and be the future you want to be.

WARNING: It is not easy but it is simple – one day, one lesson, one aha at a time.

To your awesomeness

Roberta Budvietas

Business Mentor

P.S. Share what you are learning below.


When you don’t know what to do next!

One of the most common challenges facing many small business owners is knowing what to do next. This often leads to being stuck and non-productive for the business.

If they are a home based business, this is often remedied by cleaning, doing the laundry, going shopping, gardening or doing other household jobs that have no

What Next?

What Next?

relation to the business.

Yes, the tasks need to be done but allocating business hours and doing business related activities in those hours matters more.

Here are some business related ideas to help you when you are stuck and don’t know what to do next:

  • Call, skype or email a past client and find out if there is anything they need from you.
  • Write a blog or article
  • Clear up the clutter on your desk to find one forgotten activity or name that you need to contact
  • Do some research on trends in your area of business
  • Visit your profile on your webpage, LinkedIn or other social media and refresh it
  • Review your bookmarked websites to see if you saved something that you can action today
  • Pay outstanding bills
  • Update your accounts
  • Backup your files and folders
  • Do a mind map marketing plan for the next 3 months and then put the tasks and actions into your calendar
  • Sort out the groups you belong to on social media and either enter a comment or leave the group
  • Write a newsletter
  • Create a short welcome video and post it to your about page
  • Check out a new tool that could make your business less repetitive and more streamlined
  • Check with your accountant, lawyer or mentor that everything is up to date for your business and book your time with your mentor to plan for the future
  • Hold a board meeting – Tip -you need 5 key roles to succeed in your business – a driver, salesperson, an administrator, 1 or 2 doers (producers), and an advisor (accountant, lawyer or mentor, sounding board). You can hold several of these roles but….not all.

What else do you do? Suggest additional activities in the comments below please.

To your Success

Roberta Budvietas, Zoomer Business  Mentor

Roberta Budvietas, Zoomer Business Mentor