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Imagine You Can to stop those success thieves

Last weekend I attended the National Speakers Association Australia Best in the Biz conference. One presenter, John Shackleton, CSP, talked about about the competitive sports people and how they train. As a competitive swimmer himself and a world class speaker, he knows what type of  mind talk needs to happen before a performance. What the performer sees in their head, is what they then repeat in their event.

So think of what your self talk is before a performance or presentation.

Pre-performance time

Are you seeing the wonderful performance or are you worrying about what could go wrong?

Do you see yourself succeeding at whatever it is your are doing or do you see yourself failing utterly and falling on your face?

How do you visualise the outcome?

Which Picture?

belly flopdive

Your Vision

You chose the picture you see and that picture helps you deliver.

If you see yourself as unable to do something, you will find yourself challenged to do it. Every day, I meet people who feel overwhelmed in their roles because they see themselves overwhelmed and unable to do all the things asked of them.

 We steal our success every day by saying we can’t do something. That keeps us seeing the picture of what we are unable to do.

How much more powerful would it be if we could see ourselves solving the problem?


Think of a time when you had to do something new that you had never done before. Now think of how you handled it by thinking you could do it? Did it get done? How about when you said you can’t. What happened? Or was there a time when your first reaction was, “I can’t” but you went ahead and did it anyway. How did it work out then? Take a minute and think of 2 instances in your life

So what are you thinking?

Are you stuck because in your imagination you are seeing failure or problems?

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To your success

Roberta Budvietas, Performance Optimiser,

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