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Message from The Universe

Recently The Universe sent me this message

“Dominion over all things doesn’t come with age, spirituality, or even gratitude. In fact, it doesn’t come at all. You were born with it, Roberta, and you use it every moment of every day, whenever you say, “I will… I am… I have…”

And for that matter, whenever you say, “It’s hard… I’m lost… I don’t know…” “Solar system

My experience working with mentorees and others who want to ICE their Success thieves, constantly reminds me of the power of words that influence our thoughts and actions.

If you want to get out of stuck, you need to change the words you use.

I notice that many people are reluctant to give something a go. It stops them from getting amazing things done. It gets them stuck and truly steals their success.

I have several friends who are constantly seeking approval and life keeps throwing lemons at them.

I watched one friend who this was always happening to change her language and take more control of her life and suddenly, she stopped whining and seeking approval for everything. She took control. She watched her language. She choose a different mindset and the world suddenly changed completely.

Yes the universe still throws the odd lemon at her but now she uses them to flavor her tea.

So remember that the Universe, God or whatever you chose to believe in loves you. And because of that all things are possible but it is YOUR Choice.

Choose wisely,

Choose words, thoughts and ideas that support you and please whatever you do, stop challenging the universe with contradictory language. If you believe, you believe. Walk in the faith of that belief.

Simple to say, hard to do but again it’s your choice. It’s up to YOU!

So go forth today and be MAGNIFICENT. And if you want a little mentoring, connect and we can work out something time and money wise that supports YOU!

To your success, Unstuck and MAGNIFICENT

Roberta Budvietas Mentor

Roberta Budvietas, Business Class Mentor



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