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NLP, The Wave and Personal Power

The Wave by Alexander Grasshoff could be considered as misapplied NLP. It removed the student’s personal power in a classroom experiment that went too far.

Have you ever seen it? It is a demonstration of how some of the “monsters” like Hitler, Manson and Moon

Behavior Engineering and programming psychology

Behavior Engineering and programming psychology (Photo credit: HikingArtist.com)

get followers who slavishly follow philosophies that make most of us cringe in horror.

I believe that our mindset is critical to our daily activities, perceptions and activities. Therefor I tend to see movies, lectures and books in the context of personal development and power. Working towards a basic qualification in NLP combined with seeing the movie the Wave this past week, led to an epiphany that sparked this blog.

What is NLP?

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming encompasses the neurological system, our language and the programs that we operate with. Your neurological system regulates your body. Linguistics is about how you communicate with others and the programming refers to the model of the world you live in.

Ethical NLP practitioners get permission to help you change your language, responses and programming. But what can happen is that we allow “trusted” people to condition our programs and our language.

This is what was demonstrated in the Wave.

In the Wave, the class were discussing the Hitler youth. The teacher created an experiment to demonstrate to the children in the class how by controlling simple behaviors it is possible to recreate the Hitler Youth movement. And had the teacher been power hungry or unethical, the wave could have spread beyond the class and the school easily and those who dissented would have been destroyed. Violence did erupt against the dissenters of the Wave.

How does Wave thinking get us stuck

Our programming, our operating model is what can get us stuck. We allow others to tell us how to think. We allow the opinions of others to control our limitations, our ceilings. We allow others to determine what we can do and how we behave.

And when our insecurities, our fears and our doubts rule our actions, we find that we are stuck in behaviors and activities that fail to support our life purpose and our passions. We find that we have little fun in our lives. We constantly worry about our funds and resources. We let our health slip, our relationships fall apart and our thinking gets all fuzzy.

We get stuck because we give away our power and our ability to say NO. No is a powerful word but one that many of us find hard to say because we are afraid that if we do others will dislike us or worse, they will ignore us. We forget that most people have little interest in us except for what we can do for them.

Is that really true?

The saying “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me” is about your personal power. That power to look at liking yourself first and then giving to others. Helping others to help you like yourself fails to help you like yourself. It is stuck thinking. It is why people stay in abusive situations or are subject to bullying.

YOU control your thinking.

Affirmations that say you can……, you are….. and you do…. must motivate you. You are smart, loving, caring, interesting, capable….

What are you? Tell me in the comment box below. And as you tell me – you are affirming it to yourself and you will get out of stuck and excel.

And as we approach the end of 2012, you can say what 2013 will be for you. Will it be a year of more fun, funds and fitness?

To open minds full of love and joy

Roberta Budvietas Mentor

Roberta Budvietas, Change Agent


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  • TracyAnn0312 December 17, 2012, 1:49 pm

    Well you are right that the mind set is very critical and we are the ones who will think so that it may not become complicated. Thanks for sharing these wonderful topic you have in your blog.
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..fobus holstersMy Profile

    • Roberta Budvietas December 18, 2012, 5:41 am

      Thanks for commenting TracyAnn. Control of our thoughts, acts and emotions is really all we have. And it is hard to maintain sometimes. Keep being aware and that really helps

  • Samantha Bangayan December 17, 2012, 3:43 pm

    It’s so scary to think that NLP can be used unethically and make the horrors of the past something of today. On a lighter note, if I understand correctly, I think NLP can be a testament to how we can be so influenced by those we choose to spend our time with. We need to be conscious of that on top of taking control of our thoughts and mindset.

    Let me try this affirmation exercise… =) I am… intelligent, organized, meticulous, warm… oh! This is hard! =)
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..When the Right Doors Open: A True Passion for ActingMy Profile

    • Roberta Budvietas December 18, 2012, 5:42 am

      Thanks Samantha – now that affirmation is beautiful. Keep saying it. And yes we need to control those thoughts every day.

  • Hajra January 2, 2013, 11:06 pm

    I have heard about the NLP and was invited once to do the course, but didn’t find the chance to do it. I have met a few people who have benefited a lot from the program and have moved ahead in their personal and professional lives with the help of the program structure.
    Hajra recently posted..Will the real men please stand upMy Profile

    • Roberta Budvietas January 3, 2013, 6:44 am

      NLP is an amazing thing Hajra. It can be used for good or used for evil. Like anything, it is a tool which can be used to heal or to harm. What is a concern is that so often people use NLP to manipulate and control others and we fail to realize how we are being manipulated and controlled.

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