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Stuck in the Web

Today’s blog is intended to present a different perspective for your consideration.

Words can be a trap. When we say a word, we have a concept in mind of what that word means. Abstract words lead to the most challenge because abstract words give rise to personal meanings and interpretations.

Several business words give us this kind of problem. Some of the key ones are:

customer, service, vision, mission, values and the web.

This thing, the world wide web, is one of the most difficult things for people to really understand.

The technical boffins describe it as a way of hyperlinking documents and information using telecommunication tools to bring information to your computer.

For most of us it is a big out there where we can get information, share information and find out anything we need to know.

Except – to find out what we want to know, we have to ask the right questions. To access the information we have to know where it is and be looking for it just there.

And as a business owner we put up our blogs, our websites, our Facebook pages and our other profiles and we expect things to come and stick.

A web is something woven and interlinked but a web is woven by a spider, hunting for prey. When a spider weaves a web, she is looking for dinner. A fly comes and lands on that web and once it puts two feet down it gets stuck in the web’s stickiness. And then the spider comes along and POUNCES on the fly and wraps it up in its silk to save and eat later.

Now think of what we are trying to do with our web pages – we put up a beautiful creation in hopes of attracting a visitor. When a visitor comes we hope to get them stuck and then we hope to wrap them up and do business with them.

A spider can move her web from one location where there are no flies to another where there are flies. She has the ability to rebuild her web if it gets broken and attract flies but if it gets too broken, then she gives up and dies.

A blog owner or website owner does not have the ability to move their web around. They do have the ability to expose it to different flies and also to repair it or die.

But web owners need to and have the ability to do things to ATTRACT the flies. And to attract the flies the owners need to promote the world wide web.

So my questions to you today is what does the web mean to you? What kind of a spider are you? And what are you doing to attract your flies.


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