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Too embarrassed to Get out of Stuck?

The phone rings. I know it is my accountant. We have just had some emails go back and forth and I nearly told him to go fly a kite in those emails. So I am embarrassed to talk to him because I feel guilty about what I said. I’m stuck and don’t want to talk to him to move forward.

I am in a meeting and the information I hear is wrong. I have been stirring but now I am too embarrassed to say anymore and so I allow a motion to be passed that gets me stuck and committed to an event I do not support.

Do you ever feel too embarrassed to face up to a situation?

Have you ever done something and then regret means that you dodge involvement further in the situation?

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes you are too embarrassed to admit you don’t know something and you become afraid to ask a question or seek a second opinion. I had a doctor tell me once that I would bleed to death if he could not perform an operation on me. Funny but fifteen years later I am still here. I got a second opinion and I am fine. But the consequences of being embarrassed could have got me stuck in a whole new set of health problems.

In business, one of the greatest skills you need to develop is dealing with your embarrassment and asking more questions so that you are dealing with situations as early as possible.

Sounds easy but… so hard to do.

Here are some suggestions to help you overcome your embarrassment and get out of stuck.

  • Swallow hard, take a deep breath and make the call or blurt out what you need to say. The worst thing that can happen is the other person gets upset but if they do, it’s not your problem or your fault. The situation needs to be addressed and the only way you can get out of stuck and excelling is by asking for what you want.
  • Write down the pros and cons of the situation. Create a picture of what you need to have happen and then ask for it. Lawyers, accountants, mentors and experts of all kinds have limits too. They are limited by their experience and knowledge and unless you challenge what does not sit right with you, you will get stuck and worse, you could be out of pocket, out of business or out of the deal.
  • Take some time out and figure out what is best for you. The pause is a great tool to get out of stuck as long as you determine when you will take action.
  • If something happens and you get stuck because you are embarrassed and something happens that you don’t like you need to move on. Forgive yourself for not expressing your opinion and look for the next way that you can make a difference. And look at the lessons you learned so that you can avoid them in the future. Remember motion aids growth which helps you get out of stuck and excel.

Stop being embarrassed and choose to see everything as a learning lesson rather than taking anything personally. It’s life and it’s fun and it’s all an adventure so go for it.

To your success

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  • Aras Androck April 25, 2014, 6:16 pm

    But you still need to get out of stuck, yes? Thanks for the tips.

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