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Use Names to Get Out of Stuck

Names have the power to get you stuck or to get you out of stuck.

Names Are magic

Many of you will know about trying not to think about a pink elephant when someone is trying to demonstrate the power of certain words.mud_splash_143465

Can you recall in the Harry Potter stories how practice was required by all of the young wizards to create the magic that went along with the word and wave of the wand?

Think of your confidence when you saw yourself as something or someone “special” , Then think of what happened in your life when you  thought of yourself as broke, stupid or incapable of doing something.

Names have power.

They create magic.

Your belief in a name will either give you confidence to get out of stuck or your doubt and fear will keep you even more stuck.

Names have power and the way you think, act and behave when you say certain words, call yourself or someone else a particular name is critical to your long term success.

What names can you employ to get out of stuck?

First remember that words have power both to help with your confidence and to build your doubt.

Second remember that you are totally in control of your thoughts and you have the ability to change any outcome simply by changing the words you use and the emotion around them.

Third, remember that yesterday is past and the lessons you learned are all that matter. You have the power to change today by choosing not to live in yesterday. While tomorrow has not come you have the power to describe tomorrow and be anything you want to be by changing today.

Remember that names have power.

Get out of stuck today by using names and words that inspire and build your confidence.

Stop doubting yourself.

And start having more fun by being more fit. Funds to do what is needed come to the person who puts in the effort.

As you plan for 2014, plan to change the way you use names and create systems that support your confidence and build your esteem so that you have more fun, more fitness and more funds

And remember asking for help from a Naming Practitioner can solve problems and get you out of stuck even faster.

To an even better 2014.

Roberta Budvietas,  Naming Practitioner

Roberta Budvietas,
Naming Practitioner

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  • Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. December 4, 2013, 12:45 am

    it’s not really the name- it’s the mental attitude that goes along with it!
    The old adage- your attitude sets your maximum altitude- is proven again!

    • Roberta Budvietas December 4, 2013, 7:11 am

      The name sparks the attitude because the name relates to the meme. Both attitude and name can be changed but it is easier to think of changing a name rather than changing an attitude. It is more concrete for some people to change. And really what we call attitude is just another name for how we think and feel about names

  • Lynn Brown December 6, 2013, 6:35 am

    A great reminder Roberta. and this reminds me back in my corporate days and the training I took about communication. It is powerful when you just use the person’s name in a statement, email, comments or when you see them in person, instead of just say ‘hi how are you’… saying ‘hey how are you doing today, Roberta’… there is something about when we hear our name. Especially if it is someone that you admire, look up to …when they use your name you do feel more special.

    • Roberta Budvietas December 6, 2013, 6:47 am

      Lynn, names have power and using a person’s name connects you and them but it is do much more as we both know. Thanks for visiting

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